the voice

  What happens to just getting along When now it seems we’re going wrong Spoken words always get shot down It’s always happens when someone around How can we step foot within a town Without being afraid to be found Are we distance to forever walk in silence When other decide it a choice to […]

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for you

  I’d drown myself in this madness If I know I’d come up for air What use to feel alive Is now a one shot dive Do you know the peak Are you hearing what others speak A rush maybe something behind Unsaid words feel broken but never kind What they call pain they know […]

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in the eye of the storm

  a blistering wind that falls a deep dark ocean it calls eyes drown in every sound each drop of water comes crashing down do we meet are maker now on a ship we don’t know how is there a way out the howling waves shout where does it begins or ends this ship we […]

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mysterious night

  in places where you can only imagine a magic carp ride with aladdin winds blowing, sand chasing every turn, everything is racing all after one thing a shiney rhyme with three rings be careful what you ask for it may reveal, what behind your mask if destiny is behind every magical ride let fate […]

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a pending request

  son, there is something i want you to know in life, some people will cause you not to grow some may call you names where others laugh and play games remember to never drown out the sound as you stand your feet on a strong ground i can promise you there is always tear […]

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the stage

  As time seems to past A point where your in the cast The audience has arrived Time to shine and strive Take a breath and just dive When you come to the point all lights on you Can you take all the pressure all the way through A script on the spot Don’t lay […]

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riding the storm

  I was pulled out of the heaven Came down all in sevens With wings spread far and wide Air sinks across every moon and ride A grand picture painted to land Every memory buried in the sand Should I roam so different among all them   That there eyes see what others condemn […]

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