where she hides

girl all you got to do is let me in, i see right through but how can you be clear when all you can see is two left words to choose and now afraid took the gun from his hand just to blow his brain left only, is a sure shot of pain can you […]

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suspended and frozen why is this not clear can one just pause and steer down a rode, with only a end a place where others have ascend with eye on you, the place inside so true there soul at rest, lifes greatest test

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suffocating, in need of oxygen why don’t i fly to the moon and just sing another tune all to just have a breath of fresh air one chance, out to dare one dose, so be aware all coming back to be prepared

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All I need is some extroverts rise up lone wolf introverts can we all get on board, soul strangled on there own chord when your playing insane when its just a game, there only pain life not fair, chance it on a dare hold up, did we sound the noise hold up, are they all […]

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keep it real so you can heal who can you take? your always fake a breath of air, how can you? when your suffocating through thinking life can wash all your sins

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i’m in your splendor all my sins i render theses words you speak through me gave me my chance to be my past is no more i no longer wage a war you’ve kept me safe through the ages writing every note on this pages as you’ve woken me up from the dead realizing every […]

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a gift for immortals to roam everlasting, a place where to call home in a instant moment to embrace you give to them what they want to erase so full of light and envy bite full might be deadly locked down in a canon full of spring answers the call, of her glisten wing beware […]

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