the key

  Hold a key to my heart Like a widow that shoots darts   As fire bites my soul So, does my desire show no hold? Left to the cold, Will you be the thing from old? Consume me in your light Til you’re my only thing I fight As you’ve chased away, the darkness […]

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  your eyes burn through me do you know the fate i wish to be or does solitary offer black behind angel eyes you attack what if you let down my guard why does all this have to be hard turning wrong into right rewinding strong into light embracing sudden desire paints theses flames to […]

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my promise to you

  if i made a promise to you today would you thank me later and stay or would you slip up, as you slowly lost your way im not here trying to ruin you day but i ask one thing that if you hold on tight i will always help you with your fight even […]

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at last i find myself here so close to you my dear your eyes see through mine my soul that  intertwines can you bare my heart that beats to the place where we meet so take me back their so life can be again ounce fair as everything never in stone be the reason why […]

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taken it away

  fill my soul with fire as angels aim higher give me words of suddenly along side my words of company this surrender i feel let it be real how much longer do i wait to see the eyes of my fate but at last i owe the one thing i show

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this question

i couldn’t run fast enough your words are etched inside the rough a vast world, yet you speak to me am i to echo it all in glee   shout out, to jump my soul back scream aloud, til the world attack if i have to sell my soul and lost it all then what […]

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time after time

  i knew id find my way back here theses memories, i keep so dear as i remember your tears, became so clear what’s left behind with all this time as theses mountain i have climbed just to give me hope so i have eyes that cope there are things i still don’t know so […]

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