i miss your touch that made me feel safe i miss the way dried my tears the way you helped fight my fears i miss the way hold me in our arms even when you were far away i miss the way your voice gave comfort through the rain so my heart wouldn’t have […]

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give me a choice

  people told me to slow down no one came to my side of the town when i started off strong most of the time, people told me i was wrong im still young, i have nothing to lose cause i still have the right to chose it’s a part of me i’ll tear away […]

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in your eyes

  you caught me off guard you put up with me, when i was hard one glimpse in your eyes i knew i loved you, but why each time i hear you sing i always go back to all the things you were always scared id leave i always asked “would you believe” here i […]

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speak to my soul

  tell me there is more is this the point of my core you come to me asking to surrender how can i even answer your call when i laid down my all i had a reason to believe how can i when i’ve been deceived im suppose to trust but my heart feels like […]

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  in your hands i make the thing i create are they true or fake a choice i left to debate what if i never slow down do you feel ill leave to drown remembering the road we’ve walked all the things i heard when you talked i promised i keep how far does my […]

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i heard her calling

  wispier words from the wind hear her song, a place within the ocean, answers to her voice   deadly or calm melody, it’s her choice waves crash beneath her feet a sudden interest, if she chooses to delete people will try to conquer her might but slowly lose to her abyss at night a […]

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